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Agenda cultural Febrero 2021 portada Nomadart

Cultural Agenda February 2021

The most important month for the art world in Spain has become somewhat decaffeinated due to the flight from large fairs to safer times away from the Covid-19 crisis. Even so there are great art events to enjoy and that we tell you in our monthly agenda.

agenda cultural diciembre nomadart

Cultural Agenda December

We are entering the last month of 2020, an atypical year at least and although we will not say that we would erase it from the mind (because everything is learned) if we want it to end soon. To make the wait more enjoyable, we bring you, like every month, the most interesting exhibitions on the national and online scene. You sign up?

Carlos Herranz Agenda Cultural Noviembre Nomadart

November Cultural Agenda

We are entering a new month full of interesting cultural events, although marked by the incipient outbreak of Covid-19. That is why all the events that we recommend strictly follow the health recommendations to enjoy culture in a safe way.

Agenda Cultural Octubre 2020 Nomadart

Cultural Agenda - October

As every month we bring you what for us are the most interesting exhibitions and cultural events of the month of October 2020. Of course, always following the sanitary measures recommended by a secure #culture.

Portada Agenda Cultural Septiembre Nomadart

Cultural Agenda - September

This month is loaded with important cultural events such as the Madrid Gallery Weekend that will be held from September 10 to 13 in the Madrid capital and of which we will tell you all the details.

Portada Agenda cultural Julio 2020 Nomadart

Cultural Agenda - July 2020

Where better to endure the heat of July than contemplating exhibitions in our own city or vacation spot. Wherever you are sure there are cultural activities that will enrich your mind just like a peaceful day at the beach or in the mountains.

Agenda cultural Junio 2020 Nomadart

Cultural agenda - June 2020

Museums and galleries are updated in this new normal to ensure the safety of visitors, and we do it with them. In this month of June we bring a selection of events that you can enjoy by requesting an appointment, from the same street or on the sofa at home.

Miki Lowe entrevista Nomadart 2 e1587467325567

Miki Lowe lands in Madrid with his new exhibition, Hedonia.

The Anglo-Japanese artist lands in Madrid after a long trip to Europe to present her latest work Hedonia Hedonia, the latest work by artist Miki Lowe is an ironic game with the concepts of relaxation, rest, comfort and comfort, relating them to the potential of a hotel as

Intangibles Nomadart e1587372714395

INTANGIBLES: An art exhibition… without works of art?

The sample is made up of nine technological facilities that use different techniques. It can be visited at the Fundación Telefónica de Madrid until February 23, 2020. Nothing replaces the brush, brush, chisel and burin or the exact moment in which the shutter captures an instant of


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