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Alejo Fritz is an Argentine artist who began his career as an urban artist, experimenting with techniques such as stencils or graffiti. Currently he focuses on screen printing, painting, engraving and digital art where he explores new worlds, natural spaces, experiences through an abstract psychedelic that is torn between order and chaos.

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Nature, the female body and music are the main elements that inspire Alejo and those who participate in each of his works to transfer the viewer to his particular vision of the world that is torn between order and chaos.


Alejo began at a very young age in the world of stencil and graffiti, which has significantly influenced his current style that he develops in the technique of screen printing, painting, engraving and digital art.

We like it for ...

How he transmits his inner world through abstraction and psychedelia, with sometimes gentle and sometimes explosive colors, introducing elements that express human beauty in a chaotic world.

A curiosity

Did you know that Alejo practices martial arts? In fact, he practices it often, being one of his favorite hobbies along with graphic art.


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