Ana Clerici

The illustrated woman

Ana Clerici is an Argentine artist currently residing in Barcelona. His drawings are spread through lines and brushstrokes that perfectly capture the personality and situations of each of his protagonists, always women of today as main figures.

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His main references are post-impressionist artists such as Henri Matisse or Pablo Picasso for their masterful use of colors and composition. Music is also one of its main sources.


The simple brushstroke as she likes to define it. It is his form of expression and what makes his illustrations truly special, using techniques from acrylic and oil painting to digital.

We like it for ...

His use of color and the liveliness that he imprints on his illustrations. We also love her perseverance in the message of empowerment of women, always present in her works.

A curiosity

Did you know that Ana is an ambassador for the Bombay Sapphire brand? He travels all over the country showing his artistic process live for on-site viewers.


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