The art of remembering

Inspired by nature and the powerful memories of childhood, where the imagination had no limits, Betiglue (Beatriz) has been capturing these images on paper, with a great variety of combinations, which are embodied in colorful collages, full of vitality, strength, freshness and joy.

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Henri Mattisse and his colorful gouche collage are his great inspiration. Also painters like Joaquin Sorolla, Miró, Van gogh ... and more closely the artist Rocio Montoya.


Collage is his natural medium of expression. With a minimalist but daring style, Beatriz uses just a few cuts to make compositions of great subtlety.

We like it for ...

His clever use of composition and subtlety when combining colors and shapes. How nature floods her collages with memories and experiences.

A curiosity

Did you know that Beatriz currently resides in London? A true nomadic spirit that has lived in cities like Sydney, Madrid ... until reaching the English capital.


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