5 tips to start your art collection without dying trying.

Here are 5 tips so you can start your art collection on a normal budget and without dying trying. Hard to believe? Keep reading...

When we talk about art collectors we always imagine a very wealthy person, in his great Renaissance-style hall, enjoying a glass of very expensive wine while taking pride in his great art collection... Right?

Well, I have to tell you that times change, that you no longer need to be a millionaire to access quality artistic works. We live in the information age and have virtually unlimited access to all kinds of artistic creations around the world. And that is precisely the reason for this article, to eliminate that cliché from your head and convince yourself that it can be done! Shall we start?

Bet on emerging artists.

Your collection doesn't have to start with a Banksy, no no no. Focus on works by emerging artists (and there are some very good ones) and do research about their work and artistic careers. If you consider that he has potential, you can surely buy his work at a very reasonable price and... who knows? With a bit of luck, you may be making a great investment in the medium/long term.

Saskia Rodriguez is a Canarian artist who lives in London. His collection of engravings - Notes of Silence - (€140 - €160 each) express a new alphabet, an authentic game between language and fiction.

Find your style and bet on what you fall in love with.

It is important not to ramble when buying art. The first thing we recommend is that you observe and take your time to find out what really catches your attention and makes you feel good. For this we believe it is essential to explore art by attending galleries, fairs or online. Once this exercise is done, you will be ready to invest in works that you like and that do not seem strange to you at the first opportunity.

Acquire works that you fall in love with and inspire your space with them. (5 Demons by Camilo Valero)

Collect Limited Editions.

If your budget is low but you want your home to be surrounded by quality art, a great option is the signed and numbered Limited Reproductions. Of course, we recommend that they always be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity with which the integrity of the work can be ensured before third parties. This option will allow you to fill your space with works by real artists with whom you identify and in a much more affordable way.

Internet, an opportunity.

The Internet has become the perfect tool to be able to compare prices online. It is often tiresome to go from gallery to gallery asking for price lists, but those same galleries are already the ones that offer them online. This does not mean that we recommend stopping visiting galleries and art spaces, but it does mean that it is taken into account to assess different options and make the right decision. Nowadays you can filter what you are looking for in a thousand ways, for example, for a price that oscillates between €500 - €1,000. Isn't that great?

Federica Bau is an Italian artist specialized in engraving. His award-winning work Sutil Hoja is available on our platform at a price of €XXX, less than €1000.

Finance your acquisitions by paying in installments.

Yes yes... you heard right, art is also financed. What's more, if we think about it, it is one of the sectors that should facilitate this service the most since the true mission of these times is to make it affordable. At Nomadart you can finance all your purchases over €170 through our Aplázame financial system, all integrated into the purchase process and being able to customize the number of installments you wish to pay.

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