5 ideal places to place your pictures without having to hang them

Decoration, like fashion, are trends. That is why today we want to talk to you about a new one that is emerging when it comes to placing pictures and that little by little is making its way into many homes and styles of decoration. We are also sure that those who have a bit of a hammer phobia will love it...

This consists of supporting the paintings in specific spaces instead of hanging them on the wall, without the need to drill holes. It is true that it is not recommended to use this option for all spaces in your home, but it is interesting for certain places where you may not be able to drill holes due to the wall material (for example concrete) or you want to give a more impersonal and casual touch. . Another of the advantages that it offers you is the possibility of changing the site boxes whenever you feel like it, or if you have created a composition of several, simply modify it.

Below we will show you 5 ideal places where you can place your paintings without having to hang them on the wall. Shall we start?

Option 1: Soils

Our preferred option. Especially in large spaces and accompanied by one or two large paintings that give harmony to the space. It will add a modern and elegant touch to your home.

Option 2: Shelves

The ideal option to create a large composition of paintings that inspires warmth in your home. Using photography as the main theme always creates a very interesting atmosphere.

Option 3: Headboards

Made of wood, masonry, wide, narrow... there is always room to place a couple of books and why not? one or more frames. Of course, we recommend fixing them safely to avoid the occasional unnecessary headache.

Option 4: Furniture (cupboards, chairs, benches...)

In this case, your paintings will not be the main protagonists... although therein lies their charm. Combine them with different elements to create an attractive and homogeneous composition. It will create a very sophisticated atmosphere to the space.

Option 5: Fireplaces

If you have one, you will love this option. Supporting one or two paintings on your fireplace accompanied by some other element (books, vases, sculptures...) makes it the perfect decorative element.

Gift option: Borders

As a gift a new discovery that the truth has enchanted us! Taking advantage of borders that have the necessary space to support your paintings is undoubtedly something different, although very decorative. It will enhance those higher spaces that are always a little more abandoned.

What do you think? Are you up for this new trend? Tell us about it!

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