Will Banksy break his record with the 'Show Me the Monet' auction, his homage to the French painter's 'Water Lilies'?

The estimated sale price, according to Sotheby's, ranges between 4 and 6.5 million dollars. All eyes are on this auction that will be held on October 21 and in which the bets indicate that it will exceed the estimated price. What do you think?

It was the last year of the 19th century. At Giverny. They were the place and the moment in which Édouard Monet painted one of his most famous paintings, Water Lily Pond , which over the years has permeated the collective imagination as a certain prototype of an impressionist painting. Now, 121 years later, a tribute to the famous work by the most talked-about recent artist, the acclaimed Banksy, is about to go up for auction in London. And it is expected to meet all expectations.

It will be this Wednesday, October 21 , when, broadcast live, the Sotheby's auction house kicks off the bid for the painting by the elusive British artist, which is entitled Show Me the Monet , a play on words with the “Show me the money” (“Show me the pasta”) that Tom Cruise yelled in the movie Jerry Maguire .

Will Banksy break a new sales record?

It is estimated that the buyer of the painting, which until now has been exhibited in the gallery that the company has in New Bond Street, will pay an amount between 3.9 and 6.5 million dollars (between 3,320,000 and 5,540,000 euros ). But considering that in October 2019, Banksy's Devolved Parliament , priced at around $2.5 million, was ultimately auctioned for $12.1 million (beating the artist's previous record by more than a million), nobody dares to conjecture.

Devolved Parliament / Banksy

A work belonging to Banksy's Crude Oils series

Especially considering that the painting is part of the Crude Oils series , which the artist created in 2005 through classic paintings (from Van Gogh to Hopper), reinterpreting them in a modern key and with a spirit of denunciation, as can be seen in the shopping cart and cones floating in the pond.

The work is a criticism of society's contempt for the environment, in favor of the wasteful excesses of consumerism.

Alex Branczik – Sotheby's European Head of Contemporary Art

Here you have the result of the Banksy auction (Updated)

Although Banksy's current record, which was registered in the sale of his work Devolved Parliament for 12 million dollars, has not been surpassed, without a doubt Show me the Monet has met all expectations , reaching the chilling number of 9, 8 million dollars , placing it in second place in the ranking of the most expensive works by the British artist.

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