Elisa de la Torre, the fluidity of the natural

Elisa de la Torre is an artist from Madrid who has studied Fine Arts between the United States and Spain. Her current work focuses on a sample of abstract painting that investigates chance and the evolution of the random fusion of fluid paint, creating abstract landscapes that transport her to the places of influence of the artist.

Hello Elisa, who are you? How would you define yourself?

I think that I am simply a person who enjoys beauty: seeing, creating and transmitting. That is why I dedicate myself to teaching and artistic creation.

Where were you born? Do you still live there?

I am from madrid. I have stumbled around the world a few times, but Madrid is one of those places you say: like there, nowhere. And here I want to stay.

When did you decide to become an artist?

Since I was little I already painted and I suppose that between some decisions and others one configures his path. Painting has been something always present in my life.

Elisa de la Torre painting in the center of Madrid

How would you define your style in one sentence?

Fluid painting in the game of chance and control.

Your weaknesses? Your strengths?

One weakness is that I have a really hard time stopping, knowing when the sweet spot of the frame is right before I screw it up. My strength, however, is that when something goes wrong, it's an opportunity to turn it around and make it right.

What would you say makes you different?

There are many people who work with fluid paint in different techniques. My difference is that I mix techniques and that my conceptual discourse goes far beyond the decorative, it is located on the existential plane.

What do you find most fascinating about creativity?

Which is a mystery and is pure power. With my paintings, not going with a pre-established scheme and never knowing what is going to happen, it seems to me that it is pure magic.

Which of your works do you have a special affection for?

Many, although most of them I no longer have with me. In general, they are those that have cost me the most, that resisted me and I, until I love a work, I do not give up on it. That creates emotional bonds with the works.

What inspires or influences you when creating?

The colors, the landscape and the emotional state. It's what determines what to do either . On the other hand, in the composition and arbitrariness of the work, whichever is more serene or more turbulent is absolutely emotional and existential, linked to the process of letting life be, flowing, or clinging more to trying to control.

Do you have a new project or idea in hand?

I would like to continue exploring this line, which has been evolving for 2 years, and see where it takes me. Each frame is a different step from the previous one and I think it can lead to something very powerful.

2025 Where do you see yourself?

Hopefully where I am now but more and better.

Finish the sentence: When things get tough…

It is time to look at how to turn them around.

The artist Elisa de la Torre in her studio in Madrid

a favorite place

Taize, France.

What would you do if you could change the world?

I have always been surprised by the magnification of problems, the desire for control, domination instead of everyone being able to live in peace and dedicate themselves to their own. I would like in some way that there was serenity and the peoples could live in peace without submission of any kind.

Penultimate question… Favorite song?

All eyes on you. . It's not the best song in the world, but it's one of those songs that when you listen to it you smile without realizing it and it gives you chills.


Pride and prejudice. Keira Knightley is my favourite. Photography, landscapes, music, period life…everything.

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