Helena Llum, a photograph is worth a thousand words.

Helena Llum, una fotografía vale más que mil palabras. - Nomadart

Today we speak with Helena Llum , a new Nomadart artist. His photographs are always in a constant search for a balance between the nostalgic of life and the value of present things.

Where were you born? Do you still live there?

Now I live in Logroño, where I was born, it is a medium-sized city in the north of Spain to which I did not want to return for 8 years and in which I now feel very comfortable.

When did you start to be interested in the world of art?

Since I was little I tended to stay in my inner world and express myself visually. Drawing, writing... until as a teenager I came across photography and I stayed with it.

How would you define your style in one sentence?

I look for the beauty of the little big things, the magic of the world.

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Your weaknesses? Your strengths?

I am my best friend and my greatest enemy. Sometimes my art seems great to me and other times I realize the long way that still remains to be traveled.

What would you say makes you different?

That of me it's just me. Although in the world of art “everything is already done”, I am encouraged by knowing that each one of us is unique and that no one can express themselves in the same way that you can.

What do you find most fascinating about creativity?

That it is hidden within all of us and that we spend our lives looking for it outside.

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Which of your works do you have a special affection for?

Rosas when he was walking through Barcelona. Although the best work is always the most recent of course!

Who or what inspires you when creating?

Rinko Kawauchi and the huge network of internet artists who accompany me every day. I am also fascinated by movies and directors like Wes Anderson.

Do you have a new project or idea in hand?

For me, documenting the day to day as a kind of diary throughout my life is already a project in itself. Right now I focus on creating every day and not being static and in a few months putting together the result to study the evolution carried out.

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2025 Where do you see yourself?

Wow, without Covid 19! Similar to now but I hope more settled and probably living abroad.

Finish the sentence: When things get tough…

we will learn more about it!

a favorite place

Guadalajara Mexico. I have family there and I have a special affection for it.

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What would you do if you could change the world?

To ask that we all find our center. That way we would be much happier.

Penultimate question… Favorite song?

Cecilia by Simon & Garfunkel. The lyrics are depressing but wonderful.

A book that no one should miss?

The Third Eye by T. Lobsang Rampa

Helena Llum

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