Canvas without glass or painting with glass: what finish to choose for your paintings?

Lienzo sin cristal o cuadro con cristal: ¿Qué acabado elegir para tus cuadros? - Nomadart

When choosing the way to present your paintings or photographs, one of the key aspects to consider is the type of finish you want. Two common options are the canvas without glass and the painting with glass . Each has its own advantages and distinctive features. In this article, we'll explore the differences between these finishes to help you make an informed decision and find the right look.

canvas without glass

Glass-free canvas is a very popular choice for presenting high-quality artwork and photography. And these are some of the advantages offered by this finish:

  • Texture and Artistic Appearance : Canvas provides a unique texture and artistic appearance that can enrich the presentation of your paintings. The absence of glass allows a direct visualization of the details and colors of the image without any reflection or distortion.

  • Lightness and ease of hanging : Canvas paintings are lighter compared to those framed with glass. This makes them easy to hang and move without having to deal with the risk of breaking the glass. Plus, there's no worry about unwanted reflections or glare caused by lighting.

  • Less reflections and glare : By not having glass, canvas paintings avoid reflections and glare that can interfere with optimal viewing of the work. This is especially beneficial if you plan to hang your paintings in rooms with a lot of natural lighting or bright lights.

Picture with glass

The glass painting is a classic and versatile option that adapts to a wide range of decoration styles. Here are some advantages of this finish:

  • Protection and durability : The main advantage of using glass in paintings is the protection it provides to the work. The glass acts as a barrier against dust, moisture and possible physical damage. This is especially important if you want to preserve a valuable or sentimental work over time.

  • Greater clarity and sharpness: The use of glass provides exceptional clarity and sharpness, allowing you to appreciate every detail of the image. This is especially beneficial for photographs and works with intricate details that require sharp viewing.

  • Elegant, Traditional Aesthetic : Framed glass pictures bring an elegant, traditional aesthetic to any space. You can choose between different types of glass, such as standard, anti-reflective or matte, depending on your preferences and the desired effect.

  • Protection against dust and damage : By using glass, your works will be protected from dust, humidity and other factors that can damage them over time. This is especially important if you plan to hang the paintings in covered outdoor areas where they are exposed to greater changes in temperature, sun exposure, and humidity.

In the entire offer of Nomadart prints you can select if you prefer canvas without glass or frame with glass , and thus configure the finish of your paintings in addition to selecting the color of the frame.

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