Miki Lowe lands in Madrid with her new exhibition, Hedonia.

The Anglo-Japanese artist lands in Madrid after a long trip through Europe to present her latest work Hedonia

Hedonia, the latest work by the artist Miki Lowe, is an ironic game with the concepts of relaxation, rest, coziness and comfort, relating them to the potential of a hotel as a space for estrangement and sublimation of everyday life.

Miki Lowe preparing the opening of her exhibition Hedonia

In this exhibition, the artist continues to explore that eclectic and everyday vision of life, experimenting with objects to which she gives light and shape at will. An exhibition organized in collaboration with La Habitación number 13.

You can enjoy this exhibition from January 16 to February 16 at the Hotel Iberostar on Madrid's Gran Vía. Don't miss it!

Miki Lowe's Hedonia Exhibition Poster

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