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Category_Especiales7 películas sobre pintores que no debes dejar pasar si te gusta el arte - Nomadart

7 films about painters that you should not miss if you like art

In this report we recommend 7 films that review the life and work of those authors who have supported our love for painting.

Virtually visit the Blue House of Frida Kahlo

The museum of the Mexican painter opens its doors in times of pandemic so that enthusiasts of the artist from all over the planet can visit her famous Casa Azul.

Virtually restored 6 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

From Palmyra to the ancient city of Jerusalem, an Australian insurance company launches this campaign to defend these monuments, considered by the international organization as "endangered" spaces.

The selection process for the contest for young artists opens #CulturadeUrgencias

You are an artist? Well, don't hesitate to submit your application to the online #CulturaDeErgencias Contest for young European artists: Art to inject culture into hospitals with up to €8,000 in pr...

The eternal and tanned summer of Akila Berjaoui

The Australian photographer is one of the artists who has best known how to capture what the beaches mean during the summer season.

Juan Aballe captures the nostalgic ambiguity of emptied Spain

The Madrid photographer travels the Iberian Peninsula for his monographic project 'Country Fictions'. The question is how to portray the rural world photographically so that "ambiguity ...

5 art documentaries that you cannot miss

Here are what for us are 5 essential documentaries from the art world. Our grain of sand to support the #yomequedoencasa initiative and make your stay a little more entertaining and enjoyable. ...

The Prado Museum "retouches" its masterpieces to raise awareness about climate change

The Madrid art gallery is associated with the well-known international NGO WWF to visually explain the misfortunes that the increase in temperature would bring. It seems silly, because i...

Hollywood stars that you did not imagine were dedicated to painting (Part I)

There is a small club of stars of the seventh art that dedicates a large part of their free time to brushes, and that you did not know. In this series we will talk about this hidden passion in Bev...

The #DollyParton Challenge comes to art. Find out which museums share it

National and international art galleries use some of his most famous works to joke about how we show ourselves on different social networks. You can try, but it doesn't seem likely that...

Isis Navarro, long live collages

Isis Navarro is a Catalan artist specialized in collage and mixed media, giving free rein to her creativity in each and every one of her works. To do this, he uses all kinds of cut-outs and materi...

5 tips to start your art collection without dying trying.

Here are 5 tips so you can start your art collection on a normal budget and without dying trying. Hard to believe? Keep reading... When we talk about art collectors we always imagine a ...

Is the art market ready for Generation Z?

The wave of art-hungry young people may be the key to changing the current buying and selling model. We analyze the whys. According to a study by the firm Digitas, 60% of adolescents be...