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Category_Especiales7 películas sobre pintores que no debes dejar pasar si te gusta el arte - Nomadart

7 films about painters that you should not miss if you like art

In this report we recommend 7 films that review the life and work of those authors who have supported our love for painting.

Will Banksy break his record with the 'Show Me the Monet' auction, his homage to the French painter's 'Water Lilies'?

The estimated sale price, according to Sotheby's, ranges between 4 and 6.5 million dollars. All eyes are on this auction that will be held on October 21 and in which the bets indicate that it will ...

Van Gogh merges with his works in an idyllic biographical comic

The Iranian cartoonist Alireza Karimi Moghaddam is inspired by one of his idols to tell his life through the eyes of the Dutch genius in a comic format with a touch of humor.

Van Gogh's final hours could be resolved thanks to his latest work

They believe they have found the exact spot where the artist was painting 'Tree Roots', the canvas he was finishing when he received his fatal gunshot wound.

The Munch Museum renews its image towards a more "energetic"

The Norwegian art gallery seeks to attract a younger audience, modernize and be consistent with the new architectural layout.

The 5 most important robberies in the history of art

There are many thefts of works of art that have occurred throughout history, some of them involving well-known pieces that were supposed to be insurmountable, but from what has been seen, it was no...

Mata Mua, goodbye to the jewel of the Thyssen Museum

The famous painting by the painter Paul Gauguin is already packed and with the approval of the Government for its sale and export. The Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza prepares the rel...

5 art documentaries that you cannot miss

Here are what for us are 5 essential documentaries from the art world. Our grain of sand to support the #yomequedoencasa initiative and make your stay a little more entertaining and enjoyable. ...

The Prado Museum "retouches" its masterpieces to raise awareness about climate change

The Madrid art gallery is associated with the well-known international NGO WWF to visually explain the misfortunes that the increase in temperature would bring. It seems silly, because i...

Are you able to name three painters beyond Frida Kahlo? (Part II)

After a first part in which we talk about Anguissola, Morisot and Krasner, we return to the fray with three other artists whose names you will have to learn forever. Imagine that you ar...

María Moreno, a simple light has gone out

The wonderful painter from Madrid, wife of the hyperrealist Antonio López, has died at the age of 87. When talking about María Moreno, one has the sensation of entering a patio, not onl...

Are you able to name three painters beyond Frida Kahlo? (Part I)

We review the life and work of three of the best artists in history, whose name has been silenced... and that's why you don't know him. Let's start by assuming that we have an absolute ...