Pati Baztán

Pati Baztán is a young painter born in Mérida, an architect by profession but with a great international background in terms of painting and fine arts. With his work he approaches that slow reality of observation, of non-reasoning. He speaks of emptiness and density, of light and shadow, of transformation. As if each work had emerged from nature and was as it is because it cannot be otherwise, where doubt and intellectual discussion have no place.

Pati Baztán

natural abstraction

Pati Baztán is a young artist born in Mérida, Spain, who is trained as an architect and has extensive experience in the world of painting and fine arts, both nationally and internationally. His artistic work is characterized by exploring a calm and meditative reality that focuses on observation, instead of reasoning. Through her works, the artist speaks of complex concepts such as emptiness and density, light and shadow, and transformation, with great subtlety and sensitivity.

Each work by Pati Baztán seems to have arisen from nature itself, and is presented as a unique manifestation that could not be otherwise. Through her art, the artist evokes a sense of calm and harmony that invites the viewer to contemplate and reflect on life and the world around us. In this sense, Pati Baztán's work moves away from intellectual discussions and doubts, and focuses on the sensory and emotional experience that emerges from each of her works. Ultimately, her art is an invitation to connect with what is essential, to put noise and distraction aside, and to find beauty and meaning in simplicity and stillness.

this artist

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Don't be afraid of being wrong. Do not cover or rectify anything in your works, the error does not exist. Not censoring his creativity is his greatest value and that is transmitted in his work.


From Kandinsky to Picasso. Great painters of impressionism and abstract expressionism have significantly influenced his career.


His technique began in drawing based on the line. After dominating the figurative style and impressionism, he completely liberated himself with an abstract expressionism full of emptiness and density.

A curiosity

Did you know that Pati did his architecture degree in Yugoslavia? She has also lived in Uruguay, Paris... an authentic nomad in spirit that continually feeds on experiences...

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