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Add warmth and style to your home with this collection made up of two works by the German artist Mareike Böhmer. These are two collages that combine different color palettes and textures, providing that natural and aesthetic touch.
Colección Pieces - Nomadart

Find the warmth

Do you flee from a cold and simplistic space? Then start choosing pieces that add warmth to the space... and that can only be achieved in one way, adding decorative elements that provide textures and warm tones. Therefore, this collection is a perfect choice since it meets all the requirements and much more. Elegance and warmth at your fingertips.


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Pieces 23XPieces 23X
Mareike Böhmer
Pieces 23X Sale priceFrom €29,00
Pieces 23Pieces 23
Mareike Böhmer
Pieces 23 Sale priceFrom €29,00

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