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Entering little by little into the new normal, the Museums have had this past June to test their new standards of public safety without depriving this of its great wonders. Now that everything is more secure and controlled, let's enjoy what lies ahead in this month of July.

Where better to endure the heat of July than contemplating exhibitions in our own city or vacation spot. Wherever you are sure there are cultural activities that will enrich your mind just like a peaceful day at the beach or in the mountains. That is why we bring you what for us are the most interesting exhibitions of the month of July, but don't forget it wherever you are, if you search, you will find something to see.

Exhibitions in Spain

Cultural Agenda July 2020 1 Cultural Agenda July 2020


Description: The XXIII Edition of PhotoEspaña begins with innumerable exhibitions throughout the Spanish territory.

Location: National streets and galleries

Date: June 25 - October 31.

Price: Free

Exhibitions in Madrid

Cultural Agenda July 2020 2 Cultural Agenda July 2020

Great South: Chilean Art

Description: Important selection from one of the largest private collections in Latin America, the Claudio Engel collection.

Location: Alcala Room 31

Date: until July 26.

Price: Free

Cultural Agenda July 2020 3 Cultural Agenda July 2020

Free Rhine

Description: Contemporary photography from this region of West Germany

Location: Helga de Alvear Gallery

Date: until July 31.

Price: Free

Cultural Agenda July 2020 4 Cultural Agenda July 2020

One strike, everything is scattered

Description: Reflection on how contemporary artists continue to confront classical trends with their own tools and processes.

Location: NoguerasBlanchard

Date: until July 25.

Price: Free

Cultural Agenda July 2020 5 Cultural Agenda July 2020

Rediscover the Color

Description: the legacy of Joan Hernández Pijuan, one of the most important Spanish painters of the second half of the 20th century.

Location: Cayón Gallery

Date: until November 27.

Price: Free

Exhibitions in Barcelona

Cultural Agenda July 2020 6 Cultural Agenda July 2020

Movie pictures

Description: There are forgotten moments in film shoots that are also immortalized and allow us to reread the story from another perspective.

Location: Gothsland

Date: until July 31.

Price: Free

Cultural Agenda July 2020 7 Cultural Agenda July 2020

To Talk about Trees

Description: Project by the artist Sara Agudo Millán that reflects on the way of perceiving our current bond with nature.

Location: Chiquita Room

Date: until September 05

Price: Free by appointment

Cultural Agenda July 2020 8 Cultural Agenda July 2020


Description: the artist Emma Llorente Palacio shows us the latent power of the receptive through an intimate dialogue with the clay

Location: H20

Date: until Sept. 10

Price: Free

Exhibitions in Valencia

Cultural Agenda July 2020 9 Cultural Agenda July 2020

You paint like a man

Description: Paula Bonet approaches this exhibition based on original and unique work, as she is. Painting, engraving and pencil.

Location: The Nau. Cultural center.

Date: until October 18.

Price: Free

Online Exhibitions

TASTE !! Cuba view by Marta Capote Yeregui.

Photographic images by José Antonio Fontal Álvarez

Poems and images for reflection by Javier Redondo


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