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This month is loaded with important cultural events such as the Madrid Gallery Weekend that will be held from September 10 to 13 in the Madrid capital and of which we will tell you all the details.

September is a complicated month in itself. To catalog it in some way we could call it "Monday of the year", with its post-vacation depression in tow and to make matters worse this year including a pandemic. However, whether due to the incipient climate change or for any other reason, a breath of fresh air is generated for new exhibitions and cultural activities. Here we propose the activities that for us no art lover can miss.

1. Exhibitions in Spain

Cultural Agenda September 1 Cultural Agenda September

Madrid Gallery Weekend

Description: 50 art galleries and more than 75 artists make the capital the epicenter of contemporary art in the world.

Date: September 10 - 13.

Price: Free

Cultural Agenda September 2 Cultural Agenda September

Opus One

Description: Award-winning production consisting of a two-channel video installation, intertwining two seemingly distinct points in time and space in the history of music and its movement.

Location: Matadero, Madrid

Date: 9/1 - 10/1 (check schedules)

Price: Free

Cultural Agenda September 3 Cultural Agenda September

Description: New monthly cycle of immersive screenings that explores contemporary digital culture.

Location: Barcelona

Date: 1/09 – 31/12

Price: From € 9

Cultural Agenda September 4 Cultural Agenda September

Before 1881

Description: The Malaga artist Julio Anaya reinterprets great classics of painting on discarded supports and takes inspiration from his hometown.

Location: Yusto / Giner Gallery (Marbella)

Date: Until 09/10/2020

Price: Free

2. International Exhibitions

Cultural Agenda September 5 Cultural Agenda September

Works in Color by Vivian Maier

Description: Exhibition that collects a selection of color photographs set in Chicago by the now famous artist Vivian Maier.

Location: FOAM Museum (Amsterdam)

Date: Until 09/13/2020

Price: 12,50 €


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Nomadart Editorial

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