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Daniela ardanaz is a young Venezuelan illustrator who emigrated to Spain at a very early age. He currently resides in a small coastal town in Cantabria where he has his studio, creating there all those girls with a nostalgic and disheveled appearance but always up to date. A fashion student and later a Fine Arts student, her life has always been linked to creativity, giving life to many of her interesting and endearing protagonists.

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Names of illustrators such as María Herreros, Irene Mala, Carla Fuentes, Alessandra Genualdo, Manjit Thapp, Bijou Karman, Eva Zurita or Teresa Wonka among others.


His technique is based on illustration based on watercolor and marker on paper, betting a lot on bright colors.

We like it for ...

The endearing characters that he offers us, with that touch of nostalgia and pasotism but who always provide daring and different looks. A world full of his characters would certainly be a better world.

A curiosity

Did you know that Daniela was a dresser? Yes, the girls who dress and undress the models in the parades ... because once on the catwalk Cibeles met a Czech seamstress who had sewn Brad Pitt's skirt in Troy, and she wore a piece to give her luck in the parade. How do you stay?


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