The anti-racist and ultra-contemporary art of Nina Chanel Abney

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The American painter is characterized by treating, from her particular style, topics in vogue such as #BlackLivesMatter, #MeToo or homophobia.

He watched his mother paint and knew that she wanted to paint. He watched the movies at the Disney factory and understood that he liked to paint. He met his biological father, a police officer, when he stopped his mother for a traffic violation and he no longer thought about it: he needed to paint.

Nina chanel abney, at 38 years old, is one of the most present artists on the international scene because of how her works ooze reality from all angles, because of how each topic of conversation, each hashtag, has already been present in his works before this one goes viral.

"Easy to swallow, difficult to digest."

Nina Chanel Abney on her paintings and murals
Nina Chanel Abney Nomadart 6
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Nina Chanel Abney Nomadart 7
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The inspiration of Nina Chanel Abney

The inspiration for his own style came from watching South Park and listening to hip-hop. A multi-colored and nonstop over-information gathering from rebellious politics to non-normative naked bodies, and from LGTBI relationships to the police violence of the #BlackLivesMatter.

Nina Chanel Abney Nomadart 2
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Nina Chanel Abney Nomadart 1
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The unmistakable style of Nina Chanel Abney

Chanel Abney puts her art at the service of apologizing for the ultra-contemporary, the day-to-day life of a society “channeled through the speed of the Internet”. That is why his particular cubism of unique tones and collages does not come from absolute planning, but from total improvisation. An improvisation with which he has managed to be exhibited in galleries in Paris, Los Angeles or New York.

Nina Chanel Abney Nomadart 4
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