The Hybrid Festival 2019 is committed to international artistic exchange.

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The fourth edition of the contest held in Madrid has as a novelty the project SWAP, which will also focus especially on artists from Ukraine.

TOAlthough it is a common place, there is something in art that makes it a common language to all, regardless of which one uses. Hence, it seems like an epithet (that rhetorical figure that the language teacher explained with 'white snow' or 'green grass') to say that an art festival is international. But it is that, in the case of the Hybrid Festival, it is in its DNA. And it goes further.

He Hybrid Festival has returned in its fourth edition to Madrid from September 13 to 28. And it has also done so, betting everything: 38 venues that have given up their spaces and more than 150 artists spread throughout the capital, from Prosperidad to Carabanchel. There is nothing for what began as a contest of hybrid art exhibitions (hence the name, we are not going to be more papist than the Pope) and emerging artists (eleven of whom this year are opting for the impulse award).

Hybrid Festival 2019 Sala X Nomadart 1
Exhibition "Summer Siesta" at the Equis Room

But we go to the crux of the matter: the international issue. Because the Hybrid Festival presents as a novelty this year SWAP, a collaboration initiative with other countries for an artistic exchange. There will be six spaces in which the exhibitions and activities will take place, in order, of course, to create synergies between local and foreign creators and distributors.

The first guests come from London and are called Art licks. Will be in the Vista Space on September 18 and 19 with an exhibition that tries to rethink the figure of the artistic curatorship. On Wednesday 25, in The Juan Gallery, the German collective Coven Berlin, specialized in gender, feminism and sexuality issues, will carry out a performance in which they will reimagine a future queer. In addition, from 24 to 27, in Alfama Madrid and from Boiro (Galicia, because not everything is going to be centralism in Madrid), the La Doce collective will carry out a project specifically designed for the space and entitled Waiting room.

Hybrid Festival 2019 Nomadart
Hybrid Festival 2019

To all this we must add that the leading country, however, this first year of SWAP is Ukraine, as groups of up to three cities will focus attention. These are Kiev, Dnipró and Kharkiv.

Dismantlement will arrive from the capital (20 to 26 September). Will make it into space Nobody, Never, Nothing, No, and, curated by Anna Sorokovaya, of the collective Soshenko 33, a meeting place for artists from the Kiev Academy of Fine Arts.

Dnipró will fly to Madrid from September 17 to 20 with the exhibition Soot, of the group Artsvit. It will be in the EFTI room, where the artists Daniil Revkovskiy and Andriy Rachinskiy review the industrial reconversion after the collapse of the Soviet Union with a current lens.

Hybrid Festival 2019 Nomadart 2 1

Finally, photography, which comes from the hand of the Ukrainian artist Igor Chekachkov and his project NA4JOPM8 (2018) to Le Mur Photo Gallery. With this series, the artist seeks to create metaphotographic questions about the limits of private space or how to expand the common fields of the image. To think, let's go.

Hybrid Festival 2019 chekachkov Nomadart
Igor Chekachkov and his project NA4JOPM8 (2018) a Le Mur Photo Gallery


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Nomadart Editorial

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