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Helena Llum is an artistic photographer from La Rioja, Spain. In his photographs, he reflects on the importance of the world in a non-verbal but equally powerful way. Always in a constant search for the balance between the nostalgia of life and the value of the things present.

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Artists like Rinko Kawauchi because they reflect on the magic of the world, through images of something tangible than what is not there.


Be it analog or digital photography, one camera or the other, he likes to take advantage of color, composition, and careful editing, often working with out-of-focus photography and double exposures to bring a pictorial flair.

We like it for ...

His delicate compositions and his treatment of light. His snapshots allow the imagination to fly to the taste of the viewer. It is very easy to feel identified with one of your photographs.

A curiosity

A fan of yoga, coffee, cinema, good conversations, she is always listening to music and accompanied by images that help her imagine and continue creating.


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