How to Hang a Heavy Picture Safely in 5 Easy Steps

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Have you just purchased a beautiful large original work and are you worried about how to place it? Don't worry, we have the solution for you and it will only take you 5 simple steps.

We all know that hanging a painting, even if it is not heavy, becomes an uncomfortable task and generates some headaches. But, what if on top of that the box is large and quite heavy? So Houston ... we have a problem. Keep reading this article and we will tell you everything you need to hang your large paintings successfully. We promise that from now on you won't get any more cold sweats when the dreaded moment arrives.

What is considered a heavy painting?

How to Hang a Heavy Picture Safely in 5 Easy Steps 1 How to Hang a Heavy Picture Safely in 5 Easy Steps

The first thing you need to know is the weight of your frame to know if it is considered heavy and therefore if you should follow the instructions in this article. We consider heavy box those large frames that exceed 15Kg in weight. If this is your case, we recommend that you continue reading this article since here you will find all the tricks and tools necessary for a safe placement.

What items does your heavy painting need to hang it safely?

In the first place the ideal is that you use (or ask your framing shop) two steel hangers located each on both sides of the table and are bolted to the back wood of the frame or canvas. For heavy paintings, the ideal is this type of hanger and not use eyebolts (also called sockets) or easy hangers, since these will not ensure that they support the weight 100% safely. Regarding the size there are several measures, although we always recommend the medium or standard size.

How to Hang a Heavy Picture Safely in 5 Easy Steps 2 How to Hang a Heavy Picture Safely in 5 Easy Steps

What tools do you need to hang your heavy painting safely?

Here we show you the tools you need to have so that the placement of your painting is a complete success. No more no less. From now on you will not need to break your head at the hardware store, but you will go for a shot 😉

  1. Lerna or punch.
  2. 2 eyebolts or sockets.
  3. Drill and bit number 8.
  4. Two number 8 dowels or two plasterboard dowels.
  5. Pliers.
  6. Two screw spikes.
  7. Hammer
  8. Star screwdriver.
  9. Level.
How to Hang a Heavy Picture Safely in 5 Easy Steps 3 How to Hang a Heavy Picture Safely in 5 Easy Steps

Steps to hang your heavy painting safely.

Well, having these concepts clear, let's get into the matter. You will only have to follow these simple steps in the order that we recommend and we assure you that you will feel satisfied with a job well done and above all with a safe 100% job, both for the survival of your frame and for the people who want to appreciate it.

Step 1. Mark the exact position where you will place the painting.

For this, the first thing we have to do is make two holes in the wood with our drill or punch, through the hole in the picture hangers. Once done we will place the two eyebolts in the respective holes, which they will help us to mark on the wall the point where we should make our holes.

Once the eyebolts are in place we will place the painting on the wall in the position and height that we deem convenient. Obviously when talking about a heavy frame you will surely have to ask someone for help for this action, and a third person to confirm that the height and position is ideal. Once that third person confirms that it is well located, we will hit one of the sides so that the eyebolt sticks into the wall and leave the desired mark and we will completely remove the painting. This is necessary only on one of the sides since on the other we will do it with a level to ensure the straightness in the placement (we will explain later)

Step 2. Make the first hole in the wall.

The first thingyou need to know what type of wall it is to use the correct tools. This can normally be plasterboard or brick. If your wall is made of plasterboard we will use the plasterboard plug and we will insert it using a screwdriver and if your wall is made of brick we will use the 8 plug, tapping lightly with the hammer.

Once we have the utensils we need ready we'll drill with our number 8 bit right at the mark that we previously made with the eyebolt. Once the hole is made we will introduce the taco that corresponds according to the type of wall and later the alcayata thread fixing it with pliers to make it secure. See how it would look in the following image.

Step 3. Hang one side of the painting and mark the other side.

Once we have our cue inserted with its corresponding spike, we will proceed to remove the eyebolt that we had used to mark the wall and now yes, we will hang our painting through the hanger on the side where we have everything prepared to hang.

Already hanging by one of the sides, we will use our level placing it on top or where the painting best allows us, and we will go up the other side of the painting until reaching the point where the bubble of the meter is located in the centeror the limits set by the device.

How to Hang a Heavy Picture Safely in 5 Easy Steps 8 How to Hang a Heavy Picture Safely in 5 Easy Steps

This will ensure that once we hang our painting it will be straight. We hit the corner again so that the remaining eyebolt marks the wall and voila.

Step 4. We make our second hole in the wall

Already marked the wall we remove the painting all over again and we make our second hole (following the indications according to our type of wall). Once done we reintroduce the second block and spike.

Step 5. Hang the painting

Everything is finally ready to hang our painting safely. We remove the second eyebolt that helped us to mark and We proceed to raise our painting until the spikes are inserted into the hole of the painting's hangers.. And voila! We already have our precious work hanging securely 100%.

Did you find this article useful? Tell us what you think or leave us your question if you have any questions and we will answer you as soon as possible.


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