Long live the Collage

Isis Navarro is a Catalan artist specialized in collage and mixed media. In addition to providing training in this area, it is also his passion, giving free rein to his creativity in each and every one of his works. For this, he uses all kinds of clippings and materials that manage to express what he feels at all times.

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Deeply inspired by the simplicity and powerful expressiveness of Tàpies's works. Also of other greats such as Joan Miró or Pablo Picasso and how they dealt brilliantly with humble materials and everyday objects.


His technique focuses on the art of collage and Mix Media, although he never stops experimenting and currently also introduces abstract-style painting works.

We like it for ...

His vindictive style but at the same time subtle and elegant and how he perfectly transmits his moods or reflections with a considered selection of cuts, materials and colors.

A curiosity

Did you know that Isis is a licensed Biologist and practiced as such before becoming an artist? But one day he realized that his path was between scissors and clippings ... which we love 🙂


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