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Nomadart is the community that supports art and culture. With your help we can keep artists working on more creations and increase their visibility. It is very easy and you can do it in several ways: subscribe to our newsletter, collaborate financially or spread a message on your networks.

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We collaborate with the Fundación Cultura en Vena.

The Fundación Cultura en Vena's mission is to bring art to those places where it is most needed: hospitals. His project helps in a scientifically proven way to improve the spirits of hospitalized people, making the hospital a more pleasant and welcoming place. 

If you want to know them better, you can visit their website.

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Only 25% of artists manage to live thanks to their creations. With your contribution, you will be helping to create more culture, more creativity and, above all, so that artists can make a living from it.

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Art has always been a fundamental part of our culture. That is why we need a different model, current and consistent with today's consumer trends. With your contribution, you help art reach people, and therefore to promote the hobby and knowledge about it. 

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I have loved art in general since I was little. It's my hobby, that's why I'm delighted when I discover new artists and learn from them. I am proud to be able to help.
Maria H.
You have to get people to know more about art. It is a very good initiative to give more space and visibility to the little recognized work of many good artists. Thank you very much! 
Mikel Pérez

Frequent questions

What is my contribution for?

The 50% of the amount of your solidarity purchase with the gift pack it will go to the Fundación Cultura en Vena. The other 50% is to give visibility to the work of the artists and the maintenance of the community. In addition, for the purchase of any product of the Nomadart brand we will allocate a 5% to the Culture Foundation in Vena.

What do I get in return?

A lot of art. With your donation you allow more artists, new ideas, events, interviews, inspiration and we will send everything to your email directly. In addition, we will send you a welcome pack as a thank you gesture that includes 3 works in postcard format and our Tote Bag WeMoveArt.

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Let's save art. This is a first step that will not cost you anything, but it will contribute a lot. If you value art and its creators, join now, we will do a lot on our part so that your contribution is rewarded.

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