Jose Artarós, dream worlds through digital art.

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Today we talk to Jose Artarós, an artist from Alicante who currently resides in Valencia specialized in digital art. His work is focused on giving shape and life to his inner world, a dream world in which surrealism, nature and hedonism combine with each other to make something really striking and beautiful.

Hello Jose, who you are? How would you define yourself?

I consider myself a lover of beautiful things. I like to find beauty in everyday life, in the colors and shapes of the things that surround me.

¿Dorwhere were you born? Are you still living there?

I was born in Monóvar, a town in the interior of Alicante, but currently I live in Valencia where I am surrounded by good friends.

¿Cutoing the world of photography began to interest you?

Since I was a child I have always drawn and painted, this being a fundamental part of my life to be able to express those emotions that we do not know how to convey with words, even to subjectively represent a reality. For me, art is a form of escape in which I find peace and it makes me feel good.

DESERT Jose Artaros entrevista Nomadart
Desert | Limited Edition available here

¿Cormo definewas your style in one sentence?

Creative imagination. Hundreds of images and ideas pass through my head, colors, shapes that come when I am in a calm state under water, in the sun or even before sleeping.

Your weaknesses? Your strengths?

I think my weakness is my strength too. Perhaps the lack of training to be self-taught is my weakness, but it becomes a strength to be always in constant learning, seeing everything new and receiving it with enthusiasm.

¿Whatand dirWhat makes you different?

Being myself: earthly and with vitality. My way of being and feeling in a certain way is reflected in any creative process and that is what differentiates you from the rest.

Vanitat Jose Artaros ambiente 1
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¿WhatWhat do you find most fascinating about creativity?

The connection between imagination and the sensible. It is the way you represent, give life to that inner vision that only you can see and show the world creating and embodying those ideas.

¿To cuyou have a special affection for your worksor?

I could not choose one in particular, they all signify a temporary moment in my life, they are memories of emotions and feelings. Every artist should create motivated by something that happened or is happening. But if I had to choose, I would say that it is yet to come.

¿Whoandn or what inspires you when creating?

It inspires me every day, any feeling, music also helps me create. And, above all, the colors and shapes of nature, the structures that contain other structures and their potential new shapes.

SOLLITUDINE Jose Artaros entrevista Nomadart
Sollitudine | Limited Edition available here

Do you have a new project or idea in hand?

I am trying new techniques that are very different from digital art such as cutouts, collages with fabrics, material art, a mixed technique in which acrylic paint and textures are the protagonists.

2025 ¿DorWhere do you see yourself?

In any place with the same desire to create and continue learning where I can dedicate myself to art.

Finish the sentence: When the going gets toughciles...

Be patient and keep fighting.

GAT AL TERRAT Jose Artaros entrevista Nomadart
Gat al Terrat | Limited Edition available here

A favorite place

Any place where there is vegetation.

What would you do if you could change the world?

I would create a new one in which there was no envy, homophobia or racism, where equality was the basis along with empathy.

Sollitudine Jose Artaros ambiente 1
Lluna Plena | Limited Edition available here

Penlast question… Canciorn favorite?

According to the moment ... But Porcelain by Moby, Magnolia by Rufus T. Firefly, Dreams by The Cranberries among others.


Shadow of the past Y Girlfriend, an adaptation of Blood Wedding by Federico García Lorca, directed by Paula Ortiz, an audiovisual poem. Both with great stories and exquisite photography with extraordinary taste.

Jose Artaros artista Nomadart

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