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Jose Artarós is an artist from Alicante who currently resides in Valencia specialized in digital art. His work is focused on giving shape and life to his inner world, a dream world in which surrealism, nature and hedonism combine with each other to make something truly striking and beautiful.

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His artistic references range from Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse for the composition and use of color, to Giorgio de Chirico and his metaphysics that creates dream worlds. In addition to the geometric abstraction of Pablo Palazuelo.


Jose's technique is digital art combined with textures made with ink and texture photographs. A style characterized by shapes and flat colors created to be brought to the canvas, through the use of acrylic paint, omitting the brushstroke.

We like it for ...

His undeniable creativity when creating new worlds, situations and forms. It transports you to a constant game of perspectives and situations, which make you stop to discover the details.

A curiosity

Did you know that Jose studied Advertising and Public Relations? Although it has always been closely linked to art as a form of expression. For him, the moment of creating has always been a great help to escape and flow.


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