The Japanese neo-traditional renewal of Tenmyouya Hisashi

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Nihonga, classical Japanese painting, has received a boost with the work of this Tokyo artist who seeks to renew tradition without sacrificing it.

He was born in Tokyo in February 1966 and shortly after working as an art director for a record label, he realized that his world was undergoing renewal, but not in music, but in Nihonga (literally “Japanese-style paintings”). . Only the how was missing, but in reality he only had to do the logical thing: continue the legacy.

Tenmyouya Hisashi Nomadart 1
Intertwining thought / 2009 / Acrylic and gold leaf on wood / 180 × 165cm

Tenmyouya Hisashi's own style

Tenmyouya Hisashi he mixed all those techniques and models of imperial Japan - actually much older, but they were named in the Meiji era (1868 - 1912) - and the result is the 'Neo Nihonga', as he himself defined in 2001, an antithesis of that one, since it uses new materials such as acrylic paint, at the same time that it does not hide its origins in the classical Japanese tradition.

nue Tenmyouya Hisashi Nomadart 7
Nue / Jun 2004 / Acrylic on wood / 150 × 119cm

It was an alternative terrain that he has been cultivating even to develop the spirit of Ukiyo-e, the woodcut technique of engravings that is so mentally associated with the Japanese print and, above all, with what Hisashi has called since 2010 'Basara', a extension of the almost glamorous beauty of the prototypical decorative elements, such as samurai.

9samurai Tenmyouya Hisashi Nomadart 9
Nine Kamakura Samurai / 2001 / Acrylic on wood / 59.8 × 42cm
parapara Tenmyouya Hisashi Nomadart 6
Para-para Dancing (Great Empire of Japan) vs. Break-dancing (America) / 2001 / Acrylic on wood / 59.8 × 42cm
kylin Tenmyouya Hisashi Nomadart 3
Kylin / 2004 / Acrylic on wood / 150 × 119cm


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