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The Californian artist has become world renowned for her incredible jewel sculptures of decomposing food.

"The sculptures are beautiful and very enjoyable, but they are always accompanied by ugliness and restlessness."

They are words that the sculptor told him Kathleen Ryan to the New York Times a year ago. The purpose of the report was to know how it was possible for an artist to achieve critical acclaim and fame within the world based on creating false rotten fruits, where the rot, however, is made precisely with, in theory, the most beautiful : precious and semi-precious stones.

KATHLEEN RYAN Magazine Noviembre Nomadart

Eight weeks of work to "rot" your precious fruits

This Californian born in Santa Monica in 1984 plays with this dichotomy using amethyst or marble, taking her 8 weeks of work on average to create, in large works made of concrete or iron, the mold that covers food in bad condition, as in her last exhibition in the gallery François Ghebaly from Los Angeles, it can be seen in an immense bunch of grapes or slices of watermelons infected with fungi and insects.

Kathleen Ryan's hidden message to her collectors.

The artist believes that her works "They are not only opulent, but inherently contain the idea of decline" and so he makes it known in a hidden message to future collectors of his works. For her it is something that also happens in the world, since "Wealth inequality is increasing at the expense of the environment"Hence, he uses glass in different shades for the 'non-rotten' parts of his sculptures:

Mold is decomposition, but it is the most alive part.

Kathleen Ryan
KATHLEEN RYAN Magazine Noviembre Nomadart 3
KATHLEEN RYAN Magazine Noviembre Nomadart 1
KATHLEEN RYAN Magazine Noviembre Nomadart 2


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