The spectacular winning images of the Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2020

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The Moon, the Andromeda galaxy, the Dolphin Nebula ... the snapshots that have been submitted to the contest are astonishing for their beauty.

We are stardust that thinks about the stars… declared the astrophysicist and popularizer Carl Sagan. Without any hint of a doubt, if you could see the winning images of the 12th edition of the 2020 Insight Investment Astronomy Photographer of the Year contest, where more than 5,000 snapshots have been submitted, you would know that your statement was absolutely correct.

Concurso Fotografia Astronomia 2020 Nomadart 1
"The Dolphin Jumping out of an Ocean of Gas" by Connor Matherne (United States). Finalist

Nicolas Lefaudeux, winner of the prestigious competition.

The winner was the French photographer Nicolas Lefaudeux, who won the award (and who will also exhibit his work at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, in the London metropolitan area, from October 23) for a unique perspective of our neighboring galaxy, Andromeda, since using the tilt-shift effect creates the illusion “that it is within our reach”, something “truly magical”, in the words of Ed Robinson, competition judge.

Concurso Fotografia Astronomica 2020 Nomadart
"Andromeda Galaxy at Arm's Length?" by Nicolas Lefaudeux (France). Winning photograph.

A very competitive Edition with great photographs

But Lefaudeux's photography is not the only one that provides a visual joy: the signs that warn of the future explosion of the Dolphin Nebula (whose technical name is Sh2-308); the incredible skies filled with northern lights or polar stratospheric clouds of Germany or Lapland; the distance between the Moon and Jupiter; different eclipses; the centers of the California nebulae and NGC 3576; the galaxy NGC 3628 and its spectacular "dust line"; the double star Albireo "imprisoned" by the traces of moving satellites "... A pleasure to behold.

Concurso Fotografia Astronomia 2020 Nomadart 9
Concurso Fotografia Astronomia 2020 Nomadart 8
Concurso Fotografia Astronomia 2020 Nomadart 6
Concurso Fotografia Astronomia 2020 Nomadart 3
Concurso Fotografia Astronomia 2020 Nomadart 4
Concurso Fotografia Astronomia 2020 Nomadart 10


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