The incredible winning photographs of the Drone Photo Award 2020

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People from up to 126 countries have participated in this contest that recognizes the best aerial view images made with drones.

Jim Picôt has been the winner of this year of the Drone Photo Award thanks to your photography Love. Heart of Nature, which shows a shark in the middle of a school of fish that moves underwater with the symbolic shape of the heart. But the curious thing about this edition has been, apart from the increase in participants (from 126 countries) thanks to the fact that professional drones are becoming generalized, the total number of categories.

Drone Photo Award fotografia ganadora Nomadart
Love. Heart of Nature by Jim Picôt - Winning Photo of the Drone Photo Award 2020

News of the Drone Photo Award 2020 compared to previous years.

Unlike last year, this 2020 there were categories of Nature, People, Cities, Animals, Abstract, Weddings, Sport and a new one, Life under Covid-19. In all of them there is a winning snapshot, a second prize and a category of "Highly recommended" by the Jury. 45 of these images will make up the exhibition Above Us Only Sky and will be part of the Siena Awards Festival.

Drone Photo Award fotografia recomendada deporte Nomadart
Ball up by Brad Walls - Photography Highly Recommended by the jury in the Sports category.

The winners of the Drone Photo Award by category are ...

In the category Nature, the winner has been Joseph Cheires with The gray whale has fun pushing tourists, which followed a rumor about this playful whale;

Joseph Cheires Drone Photo Award fotografia ganadora naturaleza Nomadart 1

In People, Alessandra meniconzi got in Frozen earth Capture locals from the Eurasian steppe moving over frozen rivers and lakes.

Drone Photo Award fotografia gente Nomadart

In Cities the winner was Tomasz Kowalski with the spectacular Alien structure on Earth the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur;

Drone Photo Award fotografia urban Nomadart

Where the herons live, of Dmitrii Viliunov, was proclaimed winner of the category Animals.

Drone Photo Award fotografia naturaleza Nomadart

Paul hoelen achieved glory with his Phoenix Reborn in the category Abstract, and which symbolized the Lake Owens mining industry;

Drone Photo Award fotografia ganadora abstracto Nomadart

In Wedding, using the leftover flowers to create something new, the victor was Mohamed azmeel.

Drone Photo Award fotografia ganadora boda Nomadart

And in sports, the photographer Roberto Corinaldesi got At sea freeze a group of swimmers entering the water right between two waves.

Drone Photo Award fotografia deporte Nomadart

For the new category Life under Covid-19, the Jury opted for Black flags, of Tomer Appelbaum, taken in Israel with thousands of people protesting in Tel Aviv's Rabin Square.

Drone Photo Award fotografia ganadora Covid 19 Nomadart

In case there is any curiosity left, here is the complete gallery.


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