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This French artist stands out for her very careful final result for tiny works. His latest big leap is 'Horizon', a science fiction short film made in 'stop motion' and designed with his micro-models.

She defines herself as "artisan of dreams". Perhaps it is somewhat excessive, but looking at the work of Amandine senny Anyone looking to buy some different art confirms that no, what sets this Frenchwoman apart freelance de Paris in her freelance work (she is also a product and interior designer) is something much more precise and detailed than those who create in large dimensions normally do not treasure: the power of touch.

parisian door Amandine Senny Nomadart

The micro-sculptures of Amanda Senny taken care of to the smallest detail.

Always in his pieces, which he cares for with exacerbated care, he achieves that originality of the plausible in micro format. In other words, that miniature architecture that has led him to get tiny caryatids, nineteenth-century doors for pixies or small alpine landscapes (and that can be obtained quickly by taking a look at their catalog, where he has also sketched from the coats of arms of the Hogwarts houses in Harry Potter to small busts of singers like Sia or Macklemore) is a faithful reflection of what she herself calls her passion.

I love building things with my hands and then making them come to life.

Amandine senny
sculpture Amandine Senny Nomadart
lumiere Amandine Senny Nomadart

Horizon, his first job in Stop Motion where he brings movement to his works

The latter comes mostly from his latest company, where his models have truly given way to the movement. Is about Horizon, a science fiction short film in stop-motion that she has written - "from scratch" - and directed (and designed, of course, apart from building the sets and characters, animating them, editing ...). Try to a young woman in a utopian world where her city is surrounded by a huge wall And that for her it has been something “personal” that she managed to carry out thanks to a crowdfunding campaign that had its financing completed successfully in December 2017.

autorretrato Amandine Senny Nomadart


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