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The American illustrator creates perfect and closed atmospheres that work like masks

They have spread over the Internet due to the coronavirus pandemic. We could be talking about fake news and conspiracy plots, but no: we are referring to the drawings that Kit Layfield uploads to her Instagram profile and that, as the mask has become another new garment to wear, they are a breath of fresh air ... never better said.

Mascarillas Kit Layfield Nomadart 6

The illustrator from Philadelphia creates incredible gadgets that not only end up covering the lower part of the face, but also allow breathing pure oxygen thanks to their internal atmospheres: necklaces that are fish tanks where mythological beings live, jungles and vines in the hair, small bonsai that produce a portable ecosystem ... Everything imaginable to decorate the masks (avoiding the current more or less successful embroidery or prints).

Mascarillas Kit Layfield Nomadart 5

Masks against Climate Change

The artist works on these flourishing microsystems, as they have been defined, out of concern with what he calls digital climate change. This not only allows him to play and define a style grounded in detail, but also helps his fans to follow his process by also publishing the sketches on which he later elaborates the final design of these excessive dystopias, in which the extravagance is placed at the service of the practical and useful: tiny artificial paradises that we will never know ... or yes.

Mascarillas Kit Layfield Nomadart 4
Mascarillas Kit Layfield Nomadart 2
Mascarillas Kit Layfield Nomadart 3
Mascarillas Kit Layfield Nomadart 1
Mascarillas Kit Layfield Nomadart PORTADA


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