The surreal cutout

Laura Quevedo is a Spanish graphic designer specialized in collage technique who currently resides in Leiden, the Netherlands. He defines his work as Analog Collages, mixing different concepts and extracting them from their real settings in order to express an attraction to surrealism while claiming his most ironclad thoughts.

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Laura is inspired by everything around her. From an image to a specific cause. All his works are impregnated with surrealism with a vindictive touch.


Collage is his main form of expression. Its neutral cardboard backgrounds on which its motifs are superimposed are very characteristic.

We like it for ...

It is easy to recognize that it is a collage of Laura. Her way of composing her works makes her unique, in a technique in which it is difficult to differentiate herself from the rest.

A curiosity

Did you know that Laura is a lover of Bowie's music? He does not opt for a song by the teacher in particular, any of his repertoire serves to improve the day.


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