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Language and fiction is the project in which the artist Saskia Rodríguez is currently working. Due to the pandemic suffered as a result of Covid-19, for which the Canarian artist returned to her city of origin, she began to shape this series of drawings made with pencils, grease waxes and spray. 

Addressing the lack of communication and isolation that we have experienced, embraces the aesthetics of written language, so present already in his work previously, as the only way to reach the other. 

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Lenguaje y Ficción by Saskia Rodriguez studio 6 Nomadart

Using the primary resource of handwriting, he detaches the letters from their meaning and presents them as drawings that rather alludes to signs, to generate a series of apparently random lines. 

Language and Fiction by Saskia Rodríguez is a collection made up of seven original works, two of them with an exclusive Limited Edition for Nomadart of 25 unique reproductions of the artist.

Limited Edition available for Language and Fiction I and II


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