The precise "worldly spaces" of François Aubret

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The French photographer has managed to attract attention thanks to a very insightful look at architecture, exhibiting his work in Berlin or Shanghai and receiving various awards. 

For me, minimalist photography means simplicity and humor. It is the ability to turn a more frivolous scene from everyday life into a magical work of graphic art. It makes people smile and appreciate the simple beauty within their own day to day.

François Aubret

Who speaks is François Aubret, a photographer born in Nantes (France) and now living in Los Angeles after spending six years in Shanghai where he graduated in Environmental Design.

FrancoisAubret Portrait
François Aubret

What architecture lover would not want to acquire one of his photographs to dress the wall of his room? In them Geometry and those "hidden patterns" come together found in the "mundane spaces" of urban buildings. “By combining isolated details of nature, construction and social elements, I create very vivid compositions,” he explained. in an interview with the Galerie Minimal de Berlin, where he has exhibited his most celebrated work in 2020: Graphic Encounters.

Juxtaposing the color and texture of human creation and the little chaos of nature, Aubret, who believes that it is "evident" that it is "A fan of organization and order" looking at his work, he maintains that his photographs "are an eternal reminder that life doesn't have to be so hard."

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FrancoisAubret 6 Nomadart
FrancoisAubret 3 Nomadart
FrancoisAubret 4 Nomadart


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