The freedom to draw

Marlene Canto is an artist from the south of Portugal and a lover of illustration, dedicating her working life to graphic design. His style is intuitive and bold, evoking social themes and abstract characters associated with feelings or moods, which are translated into bold lines and colorful organic shapes.

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She is inspired every day by everything that surrounds her. Both the new artists you find on social networks and the biggest names such as Henri Matisse, André Derain, Neri Oxman, Miró, Alexander Girard, etc.


His work is a combination of digital art and hand drawing. He usually starts on paper by experimenting with organic shapes and bold lines, and then on his computer he explores colors, gradients, blending modes, and letters to suggest feelings and moods.

We like it for ...

His freedom to create is overwhelming, like that of a child creating shapes in the sand. A charming innocence that contrasts with the strength of her messages.

A curiosity

Did you know that Marlene is a dog lover? All his life I have had dogs, never less than three and not more than six. At this moment four females are part of his family and one of them is albino.


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