Earthly beauty

Miki Lowe is an Anglo-Japanese multidisciplinary artist currently residing in London. With a nomadic spirit, he uses new places and experiences as sources of inspiration to transform everyday aspects of life into something truly transcendent.

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Their inspiration comes from the experiences, the trips and the encounters that occur in them. He is also creatively inspired by reading, just a single sentence or paragraph is enough to visualize his next work.


All his training has been aimed at graphic arts, always showing a broad interest in all of them, which has given him a very interesting multidisciplinary vision.

We like it for ...

Its versatility and originality when creating. His multidisciplinary style in different techniques and how he manages to transfer an everyday situation to paper and turn it into something subtle and beautiful.

A curiosity

Did you know that Miki was born in Kyoto (Japan), was raised in France and now resides in London? In addition, his nomadic spirit makes him not stop traveling to continue to be inspired by new experiences.


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