Mylene Chung, the beauty of the subtle

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Mylene Chung is a Filipino artist of Chinese descent who divides her time between illustration, painting and cooking photography. His work is a mixture of soft watercolor brush strokes and random marks that are spread over the paper. 

Hello Mylene, who are you? How would you define yourself?

I am Mylene. A feline girl of Filipino-Chinese origin who loves to play with paint, dots and lines.

Where were you born? Are you still living there?

Although I am of Chinese origin, I was born and raised in the Philippines. I'm still here and I don't think I ever live anywhere else.

When did you decide to become an artist?

From a very young age, I have always dabbled in different forms of art. I currently work full time as a food photographer and actually run a food photography and styling studio here in the Philippines. Painting and illustration started as a hobby but little by little I am starting to work on it full time as well.

Mylene Chung, the beauty of the subtle 1 Mylene Chung, the beauty of the subtle
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How would you define your style in a sentence?

You can describe my work as a mixture of soft watercolor brush strokes and random markings. I usually work with neutral tones, unless a project calls for a different color palette. Sometimes I like to mix things up by integrating digital elements into my work.

Your weaknesses? Your strengths?

I can be indecisive at times and overly a perfectionist. But with abstract art, I have learned to appreciate the beauty of mistakes and spontaneity. I would like to think that a decade of work as a photographer has given me insight into composition and color that I can translate into my work as an artist.

What would you say makes you different?

I like to play with the subtle contrast. I usually start each piece with soft monochromatic undertones in the form of light brush strokes and finish it with distinctive markings in the form of random lines, shapes and patterns.

Mylene Chung, the beauty of the subtle 2 Mylene Chung, the beauty of the subtle
Mylene Chung, the beauty of the subtle 3 Mylene Chung, the beauty of the subtle

What do you find most fascinating about creativity?

Creativity is as simple as trying something. You never know what you are capable of unless you put it down on paper.

Which of your works do you have a special affection?

Fall Markings II is one of my favorites. It started out as a color test card that I reworked with random black and white patterns, until suddenly it felt like a finished piece that I can be proud of.

What inspires or influences you when creating?

I have been blessed with a very supportive family and friends who push me to always go further. I also admire today's artists like Heather Day, Anna Beam, Bobby Clark, Laura Horn, Eileen Noonan, and Kit Agar. I think they stepped up the game into abstract art and are constantly influencing people like me to keep creating.

Mylene Chung, the beauty of the subtle 4 Mylene Chung, the beauty of the subtle
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Do you have a new project or idea in hand?

I am looking forward to creating bigger pieces by integrating some new techniques that I have been practicing.

2025 Where do you see yourself?

Working in a large art studio overlooking a lake and lots of greenery.

Finish the sentence: When the going gets tough ... take a step back and try something new, you will realize that it was not as difficult as you first thought.

Mylene Chung, the beauty of the subtle 5 Mylene Chung, the beauty of the subtle

A favorite place

Anywhere in Japan. If I had to be more specific ... Tokyuu Hands
with money in their pockets.

What would you do if you could change the world?

Cure diseases as harmful as cancer.

Penultimate question… Favorite song?

Yiruma's River Flows in You, I still get goose bumps every time I listen to it.


You have an e-mail, I'm a big fan of the old Tom Hanks movies.


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