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Random subtlety

Mylene chung is a Filipino artist with Chinese descent who divides her time between illustration, painting and cooking photography. His work is a mixture of soft watercolor brush strokes and random marks that are spread over the paper. Its forms and neutral tones generate a calm calm that transmits peace and harmony. In addition, the artist often mixes digital elements in her work.

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His references are modern day artists such as Heather Day, Anna Beam, Bobby Clark, Laura Horn, Eileen Noonan and Kit Agar ... capable of intensifying the game in abstract art.


Watercolor playing with subtle contrast. Each piece typically begins with soft monochromatic undertones in the form of light brush strokes and ends with distinctive markings in the form of random lines, shapes and patterns.

We like it for ...

The exquisite handling of watercolor that he possesses, how he elegantly uses the fluidity of water so as not to have absolute control of what is going to happen in his work.

A curiosity

Did you know that Mylene works as a food photographer? In fact, he has his own studio in the Philippines, a job that he combines with that of a watercolorist.


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