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We are available
Format: Leaf


Measurement (cm): 30x40

Measurement (cm)

Frame: Frameless


Sale price€29,00
Vipassana is the work of the French artist Bastien Bouza, the artist responsible for Aplotica Studio, in which he refers to one of the oldest meditation techniques in India, and whose term means seeing things as they are . The amphora represents the human figure as an element from which water flows, which represents the journey of self-exploration, which invites you to free yourself from problems and thus achieve freedom and full happiness.


Aplotica Studio

Bastien Bouta is the soul of Aplotica Studio. An artist from the South of France, who combines his passion for graphic arts with his work as an energy engineer. His works are made with acrylic paint or with a marker. In his search for beauty, purity and his vision of life, he has developed a minimalist, abstract and philosophical artistic style.

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