Virtually restored 6 World Heritage Sites by Unesco

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From Palmyra to the old city of Jerusalem, an Australian insurance company launches this campaign for the defense of these monuments (view in the Index).

It had to be an Australian insurance company, Budget Direct, the one that teams up with the industrial engineer Erdem Batirbek and the architects Jelena popovic Y Keremcan Kirilmaz to reconstruct in the most reliable way possible (virtually it goes without saying, of course) up to six historical monuments declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO ... but which are in ruins.

Considered by the international organization as “endangered” spaces, the company has decided to resurrect transcendental works of human edification in all its splendor. There is the example of the fortified city of Hatra, in present day Iraq, the amphitheater of Leptis Magna, a Carthaginian (and later Roman) city in Mediterranean Libya or the ancient city of Jerusalem, with its huge walls 12 meters high and 2.5 wide that covered just over 4 kilometers.

Thanks to gifs that explain the process step by step, from the company they accompany with a small explanatory text the reason for choosing these places: Bel's tempo in Palmyra, in the center of present-day Syria, being a place that combined Greco-Roman techniques with Persian influences; lthe fortifications of Portobelo and San Lorenzo, in the province of Colón, in Panama, for being a crucial enclave for the Spanish crown in the Caribbean and that mixed a medieval air with neoclassical designs; and finally, Nan madol, a spectacular maze of small artificial islands with channels linked by rocks and coral in Micronesia.

1. Fortified city of Hatra, Iraq.

01 World Heritage in

2. Amphitheater of Leptis Magna, Libya.

02 World Heritage in Danger Leptis

4. Ancient city of Jerusalem, Israel.

06 World Heritage in

4. Tempo de Bel in Palmyra, Syria.

03 World Heritage in

5. Fortifications of Portobelo and San Lorenzo, Panama.

04 World Heritage in Danger San

6. Nan Madol, Micronesia.

05 World Heritage in Danger Nan


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