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Santi Cervera is a self-taught Sevillian artist currently living in Cádiz whose work is focused on an abstract expressionism in a minimalist style, in which color plays a fundamental role in his works. Although he began his professional career in the world of advertising, at a certain point in his life he decided to move to a rural area of Madrid to train artistically while making a living close to nature.

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There are many ... Robert Motherwell, Jose Guerrero, Mark Rorhko, Franz Kline, Helen Frantkenthaler. Also although not in the same style Morandi, Domenico Gnoli, Morris Louis.


Santi's technique is a mixed technique on canvas on a stretcher in which acrylic predominates, sometimes mixed with watercolor India ink and counted.

We like it for ...

His undeniable audacity when combining colors in an equation as complex as abstraction. It generates a sensation of movement through studied brushstrokes that translate into works without limits, without end.

A curiosity

Did you know that Santi is a vitalist? It supports this proto-scientific theory, according to which living organisms are characterized by having a vital impulse that differentiates them in a fundamental way from inanimate things, not subject to general physicochemical laws.


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Cultural Agenda February 2021

The most important month for the art world in Spain has become somewhat decaffeinated due to the flight from large fairs to safer times away from the Covid-19 crisis. Even so there are great art events to enjoy and that we tell you in our monthly agenda.

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