Sara Andreasson: a warm avant-garde for a new Sweden

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The very personal style of this young illustrator has already attracted the attention of various international publications such as The New York Times

She has been living in London for several years, but she does not forget her roots. Or precisely to remember them under their own filter, Sara andreasson he recreates people and their daily lives in such a characteristic way, as if in his native Sweden there was a warmth that only certain people who have spent many years in those lands are able to appreciate.

SaraAndreasson Riposte Ilustracion Nomadart

The recognizable style of Sara Andreasson

Born in 1989 in Kristinehamn, in the southern half of the Scandinavian country, this illustrator has made a name for herself for an easily recognizable style, based on the simple contrasts of a well-defined color palette, small deformations of reality, geometry as a one more element and the undisguised use of virtual graphics.

SaraAndreasson Boots anim

Some designs with high advertising interest

Playing with abstraction and, sometimes, with direct messages in his works, Andreasson has gotten calls to collaborate with Apple, Gucci, Adidas, The New York Times, The Guardian, Rolling Stone or Penguin Random House, among others.

Without a doubt, a whole bet for the future that crystallizes the avant-garde rasterizing what their eyes have seen.

SaraAndreasson Tanlines ilustracion Nomadart

All image and copyright rights belong to the artist cited in this post.


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