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Saskia Rodriguez is an artist born in Gran Canaria who currently resides in London. In recent years his work has focused on ideas such as lies or repetition in order to question how values such as credibility and truth are built in our society. Her main objective has been to generate constant doubt about what she considers the nucleus of our society; the reproduction of the image and the confusion that this generates as a result of over-information.

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Disruptive artists with a minimalist style like Malevich or abstract expressionists like Agnes Martin.


Saskia is a multidisciplinary artist, specialist in the art of printing, engraving, painting, lithography, screen printing ...

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His concept, carefully executed. The subtlety with which he treats his prints and the purpose of each one, making us reflect on aspects of life little questioned.

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Did you know that Saskia currently resides in London? Although his idea is to one day return to his beloved land, the Canary Islands, at the moment it is cultivated artistically in English lands.


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