West meets East minimalism

Thoth Adam is a Swiss-born, Austrian-based, Asian-hearted artist who began his career as a designer (with a BA from the Art Center College Of Design). Today his art is deeply rooted in Minimalism, Abstract Expressionism, and Asian philosophies (such as Taoism and Zen Buddhism); uses analog and digital techniques alike (preferably Sumi ink, vectors, and Photoshop).

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Personal Profile


Music and philosophy are the greatest sources of inspiration for Thoth. Among the many artists he admires are Robert Motherwell, Franz Kline, Fabienne Verdier, Yūichi Inoue, and Hideaki Yamanobe.


Compared to other eras, his studio is really uncluttered: Sumi ink, Japanese watercolors, a few brushes, paper, and a computer - that's all he needs today.

We like it for ...

His deep knowledge of Asian technique and the way he combines it with other pictorial styles such as abstract and minimalism. A unique style, a unique painter.

A curiosity

Did you know that Thoth was known for painting photorealistic portraits before discovering Asian ink painting techniques? This changed his vision completely and reoriented his artistic work in a fundamental way; He even changed his name to start his career anew.

Discover his artwork

Broken Chain Thoth Adan marco negro margen
Broken chain
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Construction Thoth Adan marco negro margen
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Crystallization Thoth Adan marco negro margen
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Equilibrium Thoth Adan marco negro margen
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In A Hurry Thoth Adan marco negro margen
In A Hurry
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Lost Horizon Thoth Adan marco negro margen
Lost horizon
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Pouring Rain Thoth Adan marco negro margen
Pouring rain
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The Suns Origin Thoth Adan marco negro margen
The Sun's Origin
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Trace Through Time Thoth Adan marco negro margen
Trace Through Time
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