Turtles and flormingos: the chimerical zoology of Mark Brooks

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The New York artist joins the Spanish illustration studio Alademosca to carry out these impossible evolutions.

The entire current spectrum is not enough. Surely, in some alternate universe Darwin would have pulled his hair out trying to decipher how Mother Nature has come to concoct something like a turtle-eagle, flormingos or deer. But all that atlas of non-existent species, at least in our universe, can only be found by the hand of Mark Brooks in his The Creative Specimens.

Mark Brooks animales quimericos 2 magazine Nomadart

Chimerical animals never seen before

East artistic director and graphic designer from New York has decided to let his imagination run wild and, on the occasion of the Adobe 99U Conference in 2020, to create a zoo as colorful as it is fictional in which cacti have tentacles, the fruits of trees are shells and starfish or the tail of parrots is a jungle vine.

Mark Brooks animales quimericos 4 magazine Nomadart

Alademosca Design Studio brings these unheard of beings to life.

But he has not been alone in the final result of these creatures almost from a Jules Verne book. On the contrary, Mark Brooks, in his endeavor to unite different styles, used his knowledge of digital illustration to later become Joan Miquel Bennassar and his team from the Mallorcan studio Alademosca those who brought them to life in physical format.

Mark Brooks animales quimericos 3 magazine Nomadart
Mark Brooks animales quimericos 5 magazine Nomadart
Mark Brooks animales quimericos 6 magazine Nomadart
Mark Brooks animales quimericos 7 magazine Nomadart


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