Van Gogh merges with his works in an idyllic biographical comic

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Iranian Alireza Karimi Moghaddam is inspired by one of his idols to tell his life through the eyes of the Dutch genius.

That Vincent van Gogh's life is a starting point for new forms of art is something that has not only been proven in the world of cinema (with 'The madman with red hair', where Kirk Douglas gave him life, or the more recent 'Loving Vincent') but also in recent times in pop culture, with T-shirts, socks or Smartphone cases inspired by the work of the post-impressionist painter.

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However, the work of the Iranian cartoonist Alireza Karimi Moghaddam It is surprising not only for its cartoonesque and carefree style, but also for its use of color and spaces that best define the biography of the author of Los girasoles or La noche estrellas that seeks to immerse the public in the particular universe of Van Gogh.


It is curious, then, that Moghaddam does not skimp on showing the most turbulent episodes in the life of the Dutch genius, his idol, and infuses them with a cartoonish spirit, offering a beautiful contrast between the brighter years, with Van Gogh strolling between sunflowers or lying on wheat, and his final stage, with crows fighting over his severed ear or between the bars that he considered was the Saint-Rémy-de-Provence sanatorium.

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