The #DollyParton Challenge comes to art. Find out which museums share it

National and international art galleries use some of his most famous works to joke about how we show ourselves on different social networks.

You can try, but it doesn't seem likely that using one of your Tinder photos on LinkedIn is going to land you your new position. Or maybe yes, each one there. But it seems that there are some unwritten rules by which we all know exactly what kind of snapshot goes on each of our social networks, as if we compartmentalized the information that we provide in all of them.

Your border can look great on LinkedIn or even Facebook if you want your family to be proud of you, but if you see someone on Tinder you swipe left. And a memory with many friends and friends with liquid joy in their hands and to which you have put more filters than a customs office is a very good option for Instagram, but it does not seem very intelligent that you upload it to the social network to find a job (give a little bad image about drinking) or Tinder (those who see it will wonder which of all those people you are). I think this is understood.

The actress Dolly Parton - Original post that went viral

And since reality imitates fiction and vice versa and art imitates life and vice versa as well, museums around the world have joined forces by putting their own works that best match the social network in each box in the four categories, being the "usual" a portrait of someone of the nobility on LinkedIn, a family scene or with friends on Facebook, a character in a bucolic setting on Instagram and something more naughty or showing pinkish parts of the body on Tinder.

In Spain there are several museums and foundations that have joined the meme and some of them have done it quite successfully. The Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum has done so with paintings by Sebastiano Del Piombo Schad , Picasso and Lichtenstein , but Puppy, the dog made of flowers (the work of Jeff Koons) also appears in the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao or Gustavo Bacarisas, the Gibraltarian painter at the Museum of Fine Arts in Seville.

DollyParton Challenge Bilbao Guggenheim Museum

Internationally, the list is endless: from the greatest champion of impressionist painting, the Musée d'Orsay in Paris to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the Metropolitan in New York or the Viennese Leopold Museum, which has focused its four images on the artist Egon Schiele.

Here we leave you a very suitable list to entertain yourself of the national and international museums that have joined this viral challenge, among many others:

National Museums

  • Pompidou Center in Malaga. See
  • Museum of Fine Arts of Seville. See
  • Columbus House. See
  • Cadiz Museum. See
  • Museum of Fine Arts of Asturias. See

International Museums:

  • Crocker Art Museum. See
  • Cleveland Art Museum. See
  • McNay Art Museum. See
  • Edinburgh Museum. See
  • Fred Jones JR Museum Art. View

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