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La Guía definitiva para descubrir el arte que te apasiona. - Nomadart

The definitive guide to discover the art you are passionate about.

From realism to impressionism, from cubism to surrealism, each style has its own unique aesthetic and ability to evoke different emotions and sensations. But how do you know which of these style...

5 razones para decorar con láminas de arte abstracto - Nomadart

5 reasons to decorate with abstract art prints

Abstract art , with its non-representational and expressive approach, offers endless possibilities for home decoration. Beyond conventional shapes and colors, decorating with abstract art prints...

EntrevistasLa búsqueda de la belleza capturada por Raisa Zwart - Nomadart

The search for beauty captured by Raisa Zwart

Raisa Zwart is a travel photographer from the Netherlands whose snapshots are captured from all over the world. The timelessness of the images and their quality is one of its main hallmarks. If ...

DecoraciónVentajas de comprar una lámina enmarcada - Nomadart

Advantages of buying a framed print

When decorating a space with prints, an important decision we face is whether to buy the print and the frame separately or choose a print that comes already framed. Both options have their pros,...

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EntrevistasLa abstracción natural de Mareike Böhmer - Nomadart

The natural abstraction of Mareike Böhmer

Mareike Böhmer is a German artist in love with abstract nature and art. She is greatly influenced by the Scandinavian style and the natural world that surrounds her. His graphic work combines mini...

DecoraciónEl arte de elegir. ¿Qué tener en cuenta a la hora de comprar cuadros? - Nomadart

The art of choosing. What to take into account when buying paintings?

Buy a painting , it is an opportunity to choose an item that reflects your style and personality. There are many options available...

DecoraciónCómo decorar la cocina con cuadros - Nomadart

How to decorate the kitchen with paintings

The kitchen is the heart of the home, a place where delicious meals are prepared and special moments are shared with family and friends. Therefore, it is important that this space reflects your per...

ArteRegalar arte: por qué las obras de arte son el regalo perfecto - Nomadart

Giving art: why works of art make the perfect gift

The act of giving a gift is a way to express love, appreciation and gratitude towards someone special in our lives. However, not all gifts have the same emotional impact and lasting meaning. In th...

ArteMejora tu decoración con láminas de arte: Consejos para seleccionar las láminas adecuadas - Nomadart

Enhance your decor with art prints: Tips for selecting the right prints

In this article, we'll explore the different types of art prints, factors to consider when choosing a piece of art, how to match them to your decorating style, and much more.

ArteEl arte en las paredes: una ventana hacia el bienestar personal - Nomadart

Art on the walls: a window to personal well-being

Art is a powerful tool to transform any space into a corner full of life, personality and emotions. Have you ever wondered how the decoration of your walls can influence your mood, your personalit...

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