The Munch Museum renews its image towards a more "energetic"

The Norwegian art gallery seeks to attract a younger audience, modernize and be consistent with the new architectural layout.

The Munch Museum in Norway, dedicated to the most famous artist in the Nordic country, Edvard Munch, author of the iconic The Scream, needed a coat of paint, never better said. And thanks to The North Studio they have succeeded: from now on, the Munchmuseet has a new logo, as well as a typeface created ad hoc.

The new logo of the Munch Museum

The typography (designed by Radim Pesko) "inverted" 20 degrees intervenes in it, which energizes and "instead of simulating, it tries to express" the countercurrent behavior of the existentialist painter. This is also why the color palette used is “energetic”, with red and a warm chromatic predominating.

New Munch Museum logo

The new building of the Munch Museum

North has been based on the new location of the art gallery, which has gone from being in the east of Oslo to its location in Bjorvika, the port area of ​​the capital. It is a building designed by the Spanish architecture studio Herreros , which tilts its top so that it approaches and looks at the city.

Model of the Building | Studio Herrero Tejada

The new merchandising of the Munch Museum

This "ambition", in the words of Stephen Gilmore, director of The North Studio, is what has led them to create a "contemporary" brand moving away from the term museum, since he believes that this is a "barrier for new audiences", in reference to the youngest. Hence also the strong merchandising design.

The term museum distances and is a barrier for new audiences

Stephen Gilmore – Head of North Studio
Merchandising with the new image of the Munch Museum
Model of the Building | Studio Herrero Tejada

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